Broward branch agency fee schedule

These fees are in addition to all state and/or county charges

Motor Vehicles | Vessels | Mobile Homes

Issuance, transfer, replacement or license plate and/or decal and registration certificate$3.50
Biennial Registration Renewal$7.00
Application for original or transfer certificate of title (All kinds, including lien recordings, verifications, all necessary forms, notarizations, sales tax collection or exemption)$15.00
Application for duplicate title(s)$6.75
Application for assignment of lien (HSMV 82139)$4.00
Notice of lien (no title transfer involved (HSMV 82139)$3.50
Duplicate or corrected registration$3.50
Temporary tags$4.00
Dealer handling fee (maximum per transaction)$6.75
Dealer handling fee located outside of Broward County (maximum per transaction)$25.00


Verification of ownership, lien, tag, decal information not included in title information (Information Request)$3.50
Temporary or Permanent disabled parking permits (up to two permits per applicant)$2.00
Certificate of Destruction$16.00
Fast Title Application$20.00
Fast Title Duplication Application$20.00
Mail receipt-actual cost of postage for business receipt mailed to motor vehicle or vessel owner in accordance with Sections 8(a) and (b) of Broward County Ordinance 96-27Actual
Vehicle Identification Number physical verification$3.50